• CPRI Cable
    • 2022-09-02
    CPRI Cable

    SZOPT’s CPRI Pre-terminated cable solution provides a complete fiber optic interconnect solution for BBU/RRU base station. This solution offers the excellent cabling system with the fiber optic cable supplied on a portable reel. The design is especially suitable for FTTA environments where repeated deployment and retrieval for reuse is needed. For more information,please reach us for details.

  • Types of Fiber Loopbacks
    • 2022-05-06
    Types of Fiber Loopbacks

    By diagnosing the problems of optical equipment, a fiber optic loopback provides an easy way to test the performance of the optical network devices. Generally, loopback cable and loopback module are both fiber optic loopbacks. Fiber optic loopback cable is the traditional fiber optic loopback with a visible cable. It is equipped with two fiber optic connectors on each end of the cable. When sticki...

  • 5G Optical and Power Hybrid Cable
    • 2022-04-18
    5G Optical and Power Hybrid Cable

    A hybrid cable incorporates optical fibers and copper wires within the same jacket, and can supply power to devices while transmitting data. The 5G hybrid fiber optic and power cables incorporate both fiber and copper conductors in one cable. It contains two or more copper conductors that deliver DC power and optical fiber strands that deliver data to a remote device through one medium. A single c...

  • Doube-fly Self-support Drop Cable
    • 2022-04-15
    Doube-fly Self-support Drop Cable

    Double-fly Self-supporting Drop Cable consist of four parallel FRP or KFRP as the strength members placed at the two sides. Then, the cable is completed with LSZH sheath. Such strucure has a much greater bandwidth to carry data and less susceptible to interference than common cables. With strengthen structure, water-resistant, soft and bendable characteristics, it’s easy to deploy and maintenance....

  • Mini Module PLC Splitter
    • 2022-03-31
    Mini Module PLC Splitter

    Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Mini Module Splitters are one of SZOPT's competitive items,they can go with or without connectors.  Fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology to distribute optical signals accurately and evenly with minimal loss providing a low cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability. Constructed with the highest quality Corning&re...

  • Specifications of SZOPT’s Ftth drop cables
    • 2022-03-24
    Specifications of SZOPT’s Ftth drop cables

    The optical fiber unit of the ftth drop Cable is positioned in the centre.,and two parallel Steel Wire/FRP/KFRP strength members are placed at the two sides. The cable jacket is usually with a white or black LSZH sheath.SZOPT’s Ftth drop cables are usually with SM G657a fibers or custom with the following technical parameters: Technical Parameter: Fiber Counts O.D. Weight Tensile Strength Crush Re...

  • Difference between MTP&MPO Connector
    • 2022-03-10
    Difference between MTP&MPO Connector

    MPO is the industry acronym for “multi-fiber push on.” These connectors have more than 1 fiber in a single ferrule and snap into place by a mechanical mechanism. There are many designs of MPO on the market for the various manufacturers. As with any type of connectivity product, the performance and cost of these vary considerably and some have distinct features that enable better “overlife” perform...

  • Hybrid Adapter SC-LC
    • 2022-03-02
    Hybrid Adapter SC-LC

    Fiber Adapter,known as fiber coupler, It is applied to the link of optical equipment terminals, such as ODF equipment and FTTH terminal. SZOPT provide various types of adapters. These adapters can easily match the same type of Fiber connectors (LC-LC, SC-SC, FC-FC, etc.) or different types of Fiber connectors (sc-fc, lc-sc, sc-st, etc.) to provide effective links. Our Fiber adapter features h...

  • FTTA Cable Assembly Solution
    • 2022-02-25
    FTTA Cable Assembly Solution

    FTTA is a wireless site architecture where optical fiber is run all the way up the tower to replace much of what is traditionally completed with heavier coax cabling. Important components such as remote radio units (RRUs) are also positioned at the top of the tower instead of at the base location. In a FTTA configuration case, a baseband unit (BBU) situates near the bottom of the tower that c...

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